I’m Clem, your red-pen vigilante (or editor).
Vanquisher of typos, guardian of grammar, defender of punctuation.

I’m a bookworm with over six years’ experience in editing books and stories of all kinds, although I specialise in commercial fiction, YA and fantasy. I have also worked on many self-help, personal development and popular health titles.

By day, I hunt typos, grammar vandals and other fugitives of the linguistic law with my red pen; by night, I… well, sleep.

Mostly I edit digitally, so the red pen is figurative. I’ve always found it so annoying to stumble upon errors in the middle of my favourite books, so I followed my passion and became an editor. I studied Creative Writing and English Literature at the London Metropolitan University, then did a master’s in Publishing Studies at the University of Stirling. I’m an entry-level member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading.

I’ve worked for a lot of publishers, including Hay House UK and Thomson Reuters, and I have taught workshops on publishing and editorial skills at LMU. You’ll often find me freelancing for Cornerstones literary consultancy, where I mentor aspiring writers and provide reader reports on first drafts.

My specialties include YA, fantasy and commercial fiction, and I also occasionally edit crime fiction, self-help and personal development.

Taking a story from good to great is what I love most – and I’d love to work on your book next.

Get in touch with the contact form below – please tell me which service you’re after and give me a brief synopsis of your work in progress.